Climate Smart Cities



The project aims at anchoring climate-friendly solutions for urban infrastructure projects and area-based development in the planning and implementation of projects under the Smart Cities-Programme of the Government of India.  

In consultation with the partner cities, five specific sectors were identified for on-ground interventions: Urban Green Spaces, Green Buildings, Construction and Demolition Waste, Solid Waste Management and Storm Water Drainage Management. 

The implementation of projects are discussed, upscaled and further improved at different levels:

  1. The Indo-German Joint Working Group on Urbanisation is a high level forum between Indian and German Ministries where climate oriented urban development is one of the key topics. 

  2. Experiences of implemented projects are upscaled to 15 other Indian Smart Cities through peer-to-peer learning, training and exchange networks.  

  3. Specific Trainings are being developed and tested in cooperation with national and state training institutions.  




Duration of the project

 June 2018 to May 2022